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Efficient Microbes offers 100% natural microbial solutions in the fields of soil fertilization, animal health, human health and environmental remediation.

Based on a wide range of highly beneficial microorganisms, Efficient Microbes products are the natural alternative to many of the harsh chemicals & medicines used in our everyday lives. Our products are cost-effective, easy to apply, environmentally friendly and yield superior results in all of their fields.

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October 1, 2018

Spring Allergies & Probiotics

It’s that time of year when the sneezes are upon us. Allergies flare up & noses run wild as our immune systems seemingly go awry during the spring weather. You might be surprised to find, though, that the bugs in your gut are an important ally to have during allergy season. Runny nose, dry skin, difficulty breathing, rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, hives, coughing. These are just some of the allergy symptoms people experience when they come into contact… Read more