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Efficient Microbes offers 100% natural microbial solutions in the fields of soil fertilization, animal health, human health and environmental remediation.

Based on a wide range of highly beneficial microorganisms, Efficient Microbes products are the natural alternative to many of the harsh chemicals & medicines used in our everyday lives. Our products are cost-effective, easy to apply, environmentally friendly and yield superior results in all of their fields.

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December 8, 2017

Healthy Gut…Healthy Brain

We take a look at the powerful connection between gut microbes and the brain and how our tiny gutsy friends (good bacteria/ microbes found in the gut) can reduce the risk of brain disease and heal and protect your brain for life. The following article is taken from Dr David Perlmutter, bestselling author of Grain Brain. . “When you think of your nervous system, you probably picture your brain and spinal cord. But that’s just the central nervous system. You… Read more