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Efficient Microbes offers 100% natural microbial solutions in the fields of soil fertilization, animal health, human health and environmental remediation.

Based on a wide range of highly beneficial microorganisms, Efficient Microbes products are the natural alternative to many of the harsh chemicals & medicines used in our everyday lives. Our products are cost-effective, easy to apply, environmentally friendly and yield superior results in all of their fields.

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April 2, 2018

A Solution to our Water Problems

It is no secret that we have a huge problem on our hands…water is running out in the Western Cape and Day Zero is all but inevitable. Both the City of Cape Town and WWF have calculated Day Zero to be about two months away on April 21. This day is calculated based on knowing how much water is in the big 6 dams that feed Cape Town and the Western Cape Water Supply System, and knowing how much water… Read more