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About Us


Efficient Microbes South Africa was established in 2006 as a privately registered company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of 100% natural microbial products for a wide range of industries, including human health, agriculture, livestock and environmental sustainability.

Efficient Microbes offers the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions to a large number of issues that are normally solved with harsh chemicals, or for which there are no other solutions at all. Efficient Microbes imports proprietary cultures of beneficial microbes that are then subjected to various “activation” (or fermentation) processes by our highly qualified staff in South Africa, producing a range of products that can be used as effective alternatives to chemicals or antibiotics used in many different fields, and to also offer solutions which aren’t available through any other means – either natural or chemical.

Efficient Microbes has its head office in Durban, South Africa, and a wide network of distributors based throughout Southern Africa.

FIRST IN NATURAL SOLUTIONSAll Products LREfficient Microbes products offer 100% natural solutions in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal health, human health and environmental remediation. Using a wide range of beneficial microorganisms, EM products are the natural alternative to many of the chemicals & medicines used in agriculture, animal health and human health. EM products are cost-effective, easy to apply and yield superior results in all of their fields.

Some of the benefits from using EM products are listed below:

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The concept of effective microorganisms was developed by Professor Teruo Higa, University of Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s Dr. Higa pioneered the research that led to the development and commercialization of EM technology. This natural biotechnology has since been successfully commercialized throughout world markets in human health, agriculture, livestock and animal health and industrial waste treatment. Thousands of research and efficacy studies have been conducted and documented in projects and books around the world.

Originally, EM was developed for use in agriculture (crop farming) as an alternative to agriculture chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. EM however is not a conventional fertilizer and unlike the purpose of fertilizers, the purpose of EM is to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. This improves the soils microbial health and promotes a healthy environment for plants. It can also be used as a processing tool to manufacture organic fertilizers.

From crop farming, its application flowed naturally into livestock. EM is actively used in livestock operations, including pig, cattle/dairy, and poultry. From livestock, the positive effects on the livestock water and effluent into lagoons and rivers lead to the use of EM for environmental purposes: from land/soil remediation to water purification. EM environmental applications throughout the world have included cleaning polluted waterways, lakes and lagoons, in septic systems, municipal waste water treatment plants, and landfills/ dump sites. As EM became used extensively in livestock, research began into its use as a functional food supplement for human health. It was discovered that EM exhibits very beneficial effects as an antioxidant and probiotic on the digestive system.