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Human Health

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The human body contains tens of trillions of bacteria. There are, in fact, ten times more bacteria in the human body than there are human cells.

Prior to the industrial revolution humans would get all the natural bacteria they need from the vegetables and meats that they ate. Today, chemical farming and the use of pesticides have depleted the bacteria from the soils to a huge extent, limiting the bacteria we get through our foods. Without these bacteria, the body cannot function optimally, disease resistance is lowered and one cannot correctly use the nutrition from food. To make matters worse, use of antibiotics can virtually eradicate the good bacteria in your gut.

Efficient Microbes products are based on a unique combination of effective beneficial bacteria that enable your body to function to its full potential. The groups of microorganisms in Efficient Microbes are lactic acid bacteria (commonly found in yogurt, cheeses), beneficial yeasts (found bread, beer), and phototrophic (light-converting) bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria in the body are responsible for the following:

  • Up to 80% of the body’s immune function.
  • Preventing the build-up of disease-causing bacteria
  • Digestion and healthy bowel movements, and reducing constipation
  • Improving the uptake of nutrition and minerals from food
  • Creation of the body’s own natural vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B12, A, D and K, and essential fatty acids
  • Producing natural antibiotics and anti-fungals
  • Reducing and preventing Candida

What is the difference between our three human health products?

The premium Efficient Microbes human health product. Probiotica is a microbial formula with 100% natural fruit juices and concentrates plus 7 herbal extracts tailored to assist the body’s functions. Probiotica is packaged in a 500ml glass bottle.

Health Booster:
Efficient Microbes formula with 100% natural juices, but does not contain any of the herbs as does in Probiotica. With or without the herbs, however, the key to Efficient Microbes products is the unique microbial blend and the product remains extremely effective. It is packaged in a one liter plastic bottle. Health Booster is the most popular product as it is cheaper than Probiotica and easier to transport. The 1 liter bottle lasts a month.

Health Booster Extra Strength:
Efficient Microbes formula but without the concentrated fruit juice or herbs. Since it is not brewed with any fruit juices it is more bitter, but also much cheaper. The Health Booster Extra Strength is also packaged in a one liter plastic bottle.

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