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Human Health

“Being a vegetarian, I am very glad to know that there are no animal products used in EM.

I was very impressed with the prompt response I had to my questions regarding the use of animal products and also how and when the product can be taken. I have emailed other companies about their products and never received a response at all, so it was wonderful to get an email back the same day!

EM is much better than other probiotics I’ve tried because you can take it any time of day, with or without food. 

It doesn’t burn your stomach like some of the other probiotics do.

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in energy (this was not an immediate effect but you do start to feel it after a couple of weeks of consistent use) and even better than that, I don’t feel as hungry as I always used to be.

I always used to be starving within 2 hours of eating breakfast (a healthy breakfast of soaked oats, nuts, seeds and coconut) and would have to have my lunch before 12pm.

Since taking EM I don’t feel as hungry as quickly – I assume it is because I am absorbing more nutrients from the food. 

I’m grateful to know that all the ingredients are natural and real – I’ve always been very much against GMO. 

Thank you for an excellent product, I’ve got the whole family using it.”



“I was battling badly with continuing, agonizing IBS as my career as a primary school teacher was drawing to a close.  I’d loved my 26 years at the school but years of chronic back pain had taken its toll and become fibromyalgia.  I knew I had to retire and was content to do so.  We had some student teachers, one of whom had studied Biochemistry and was promoting Herbalife products.  In desperation one day I said to her ” Haven’t you got something that will help my IBS? The pain is debilitating despite good medication and using Slippey Elm to calm and line the gut”

She said “I’ve got something better” and explained about EM Health Booster being full of lots of good probiotics to help normalise the gut. Well, I seized the opportunity and bought a bottle and have honestly never looked back. I buy it buy the case load and promote it to anyone suffering in a similar was. Plus I encourage my family to take it.  This woman said she had had great success with HIV patients leading healthier lives too.”



“I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome a year ago. Constant constipation and feeling all bloated up became part of my life daily.

With the current economic situation in our country it is not always easy to buy food that will not have an effect on you if you have leaky gut syndrome.  So I tried out the EM Health Booster to see if it will help lessen the symptoms

Much to my surprise within a week or two the bloating started to subside as well as my constipation.  Not only that, my symptoms for my reflux also subsided to a point that I went on for days without heartburn.

I want to give EM Health Booster two thumbs up for making my life easier without breaking my bank balance.”



“About 5 years ago we started our road to recovery and natural health after two of my children had severe Leaky Gut due to Autism in my youngest son and SLE Auto-Immune disease in my eldest ( both vaccine injured)

Amongst the detox protocol I was made aware of the incredible function the gut has and how super important it was to heal this, as we know all disease and issues start in the gut (Hypocrites was a wise man). Upon looking into probiotic supplementation and my studies into the gut, I was bombarded by the vast choices and various strains…and needless to say this was overwhelming! One half of the community was saying metagenics and others EM Health Booster…then there was live fermentation. End of the day I needed a supplement that was effective and had a good variety of strains and we opted for the liquid version of EM Health Booster as this just made sense. Powder forms and capsule forms would not be as effective due to the digestive process affecting it so i needed something that would make a difference. EM Health Booster did just that, more strains and great potency! 

We started using it on them both and drastically saw difference! We have healed their Leaky gut and so too my IBS/Chrohns. This is an amazing product and I have advocated it to thousands and even more so those recovering or pregnant. The health benefits of a healthy gut is just phenomenal! This is forever a great product daily versus other types.

Thank you to the company for this wonderful probiotic!”



“Today I am sharing my Health Booster Extra Strength story… Fatigue, lethargic, moody, headaches, muscle pains… A total nightmare!

Since using this amazing Health Booster Extra Strength I can proudly say that I have more energy, I am less tired and my headaches and sore muscles are a thing of the past. This product has really proved to me that IT TRULY WORKS.

I have never shown improvements with doctors recommended and prescribed products, but with EM Health Booster Extra Strength I have shown drastic improvements, its major! I am assuming that my levels weren’t quite right or perhaps I had severe absorption issues. Or a leaky gut. Who knows? But I am very thankful that I found this wonder formula. Its the absolute best ever and I feel so much healthier! Thank you EM!!”



“As with Franklin and thanks to him, I have been using EM Health Booster Extra Strength for a few years now. I suffer with stomach cramps and I found that using EM has eased the pain and discomfort. I have been using EM consistently over the years and would not be without it. Health Booster has been a wonderful product for us.”



“I have been using EM Health Booster for over 3 yrs. The benefits are manifold but most importantly it improved my digestion; my immunity to common illnesses and protected me against bacterial infection. I highly recommend these products: probiotics are pro-life. Secondly prevention is better than cure and you will easily recover the money outlaid on these products from spending less on Drs bills. At least that is my experience, my Dr is a stranger to me. Extra strength.”



“I have been using Efficient microbes Probiotica for a month. Since I’ve been using it, I feel healthy and energetic. before using it I’ve always been tired and constipated and bloated. Thanks to Efficient Microbes.”



“I have Fibromyalgia and the Health Booster really helps me with energy and physical strength to look after my family. Even my husband can see that it makes a difference. I am going to suggest that our local health shop stock on the Health Booster. It is a great product.”



“This letter serves to outline my experience with Efficient Microbes Health Booster.

I am the South African Distributor for Bio-Energetic Stress Testing equipment manufactured by BioMeridian. I have been working in this field for 20 years, I use the Vantage Model which operates as an Ohm meter measuring the energy as it flows along the meridians of the body. Because we create this circuit with the body, we can test anything that we put into the circuit.

The EM can be tested in this way. I can also measure the energetic function of the organs and systems of the body and as such I can measure the effects of supplements and remedies on the patients. I see 4-6 patients a day, evaluating their health holistically.
I was involved with the energetic testing of EM from the very early stages of its development in Natal. Grant Morgan brought various options of the early product to me to test its application and efficacy against patients.

Testing the various version of EM produced at the time gave Grant a good indication of where the focus should be with regard to additional ingredients and its good function.
I was lucky enough to have the product made available to me from the outset. Most of my patients have Digestive imbalances are a primary cause of “disease” in the body. The EM is prescribed for probably 60% of the entire patient base because I have never prior to this, found a product that enables balanced digestive function, decreased candida, effortless liver flush and detox and overall better efficiency in body function.

The number and variety of probiotics in the product together with the fact that the microorganisms are “alive”, I attribute to the power and success of the product. I regard these factors as the two most pertinent features of EM and the reason that the results far outweigh those of any other probiotics or detox and drainage remedies.
I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the use of the product and/or the results I have experienced with anyone who would like to contact me.”

Wendy Middleton
B.E.S.T. System practitioner, Bodyology Institute of Health


 “By 1999 I was infected with HIV/ Aids. In 2001 I became sick, very sick, and towards the end of the year recovered. This happened again in 2002, again in 2003, again in 2004 and it repeated like this all the way through until 2007. In 2007 I started working for the SACC (The South African Council of Churches), and was working on a computer every day. Because I was sitting every day I started to develop piles and eventually big boils. I used to have to go to St Mary’s hospital to get them removed up until the point which they told me that the boils were not healing and my condition was too severe to operate. I had used all the medications, all the Zulu ones, all the Sotho one’s. Any medication, I’d tried it. There was even a point where I was spending R1500 on medication which still didn’t help. In the beginning of 2008 a doctor introduced me to Health Booster, he explained to me how it worked, how the bacteria ate up all the bad bacteria and left my body able to fight the bad bacteria. After telling me to take 3 tablespoons a day, I didn’t listen; I started drinking half a cup a day- a quarter cup in the morning, and a quarter cup in the evening. On the first day after I began taking Health Booster my huge boil burst, taking out all the dirt and blood. It was instant relief. So I continued with the Health Booster. Now I am perfect. I can sit properly. I can work properly. It is like a miracle.”



 “I am a 60 year old woman and my health problems started when I was 13 years old with very painful periods, irritable bowel, eczema, herpes, chronic constipation, chronic candida, constant colds and flu. In my twenties I had several gynaecological operations among them, removal of an ovarian cyst, removal of fibroids, emergency ectopic pregnancy, and endometriosis causing ever more painful periods leading to a full hysterectomy.

At age 45 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing-spondylitis (rheumatic arthritis), Fibromyalgia syndrome, cataracts and glucoma. Pain was my constant companion, my health continued to decline until I had difficulty walking without severe pain. My doctors prescribed more and more drugs, which added to my misery and my health problems continued to decline, I slept my life away.

I thought I led a healthy lifestyle, I ate yogurt, made my own bread, took regular daily exercise, ate some fruit and vegetables and took supplements.I had no idea how wrong I was.

I now knew a healthy body starts in the colon, when the correct microbes are present, the whole system remains healthy and functions properly.

I was now drinking a lot more water, eating far more fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and essential plant fats. And taking Aim’s Barley life, Herbal fibre blend and probiotics. I felt healthy and well, and then a friend told me about EM Health Booster (Efficient Microbes product). I started taking 3 tablespoons a day. After 2 days I noticed far more efficient eliminations, a dramatic increase in energy levels. I can now work on my computer until 1am, and wake in the morning feeling fantastic. My skin is clear and vibrant. I honestly feel like a 20 year old, I feel amazing.

Everyone would benefit their health greatly by taking EM Health Booster. It is a a superior product in every sense, in a class on its own and leaves all the other probiotics standing.
This single product alone will do more for your health than any other supplement, I highly recommend EM Health Booster to anyone who wishes to improve their health and energy levels.”



 “A woman I work with’s sister had to go into Helen Joseph hospital about a month ago to have some tumours/growths removed in the lower abdomen region (she was in a great deal of pain).

She was sent home a few days after the operation in a huge amount of pain with the pain radiating down her legs and she was unable to walk or eat. Even though she was on antibiotics her wounds were refusing to heal and so she was readmitted into hospital where they said they would try and do what they could for her but that basically her wounds had gotten infected and the infection had spread to her whole body (septicemia), her family had basically accepted that she was going to die.

I gave her sister 2 bottles of EM Health Booster to use. I told her to give 4 tablespoons every day (a little extra) and to bathe the wound in the EM as well.

It is now 6 days later and she is feeling much, much better, is eating and her wound is actually healing and drying out. Her family are so thankful and full of smiles because a week ago they were convinced she was going to die.

Thanks again for an amazing product!”



 “I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer growth on my thyroid and was operated on to have my thyroid removed. I received radiation twice but this had no effect. The cancer count just became worse. I started taking Health Booster after a chat I had with Hilary about my predicament.

I had a thorough blood test, sonar & CT scan on Friday, 28 February and saw my oncologist on Wednesday, 5 March 2014. She was absolutely amazed/flabbergasted at the results and told me that there was no trace of cancer.

I am absolutely convinced that the Health Booster did the trick and want to thank Hilary most sincerely for suggesting I try Health Booster. It is truly magic muti and I will continue using it all the way to my grave!”



“My personal experience with EM is as follows:

I was only expecting improvement in the way of balancing the colon, so a lot of these other areas are a bonus and I was not looking for them. I do take 3 Tbsp every morning – once a day. I am a systematic person when it comes to taking meds/vits daily. (When I wash the EM dose container (45mils for 3 Tblsps) after use – I pour the water onto an African violet leaf which I am striking in the kitchen. It has gone insane and has flourished with about twelve baby leaves!!)

I personally have been on it for 5-6 weeks now (on my second bottle) and am definitely benefiting from it in numerous ways. I guess it works differently in each person depending on what areas of the Microbes need to be adjusted. To mention a few for your interest that I have noticed:

1. My energy levels have increase dramatically. (I do not smoke or drink or eat unhealthy in the first place – but I think fatigue comes from long hours of work, general stress daily and age…natural slow down). So to get up easily in the mornings and work easily in the evenings after a day’s work is a great bonus for me personally. I also used to grab the chance for an afternoon nap if I could get it, but now that is no longer as critical as I am not so tired by the weekend. I must admit I am a bit afraid that my body will get “used” to it and I will go back to being tired again.

2. My skin has improved amazingly – not that it was bad, but I am amazed that I have big pores on my face and am convinced that my skin is softer, healthier and the pores have decreased quite a bit (More that I could get out of a top cosmetic product for pores … at R400 a lotion years ago…it was a huge spoiling, but I was not impressed).

3. My colon has improved – less bloating and now I do not have to take meds to assist me as often. I still do occasionally have to take something to assist including extra fruit. I understand that EM is not a “cure all”, but I feel that it has helped me about 60% in this area. I had food poisoning last week whilst traveling to Cape Town. I was very ill, but my quick recovery was amazing as I am usually exhausted the day after a bout of this. The next morning I was up and hungry and ready to go! I have to put this down to the EM.

4. I was surprised at being able to get off the bed and switch on the ceiling fan with no joint aches – that caught me by surprise! Then I realized, it must be the EM. I still have some stiffness, but not nearly as much. I used to say to my college at work that when I get up from bed I feel 60 years old, but by the time I get down the passage and to the kitchen, I am 50 again. Once I get all the joints going! Now I am getting from 60 to 50 a lot quicker!! (I am 50 years old).”



“So far had success with a lady with shingles. Doctor told her 6 months or longer, was totally healed after 1 month.

One of the nurses in the home where I stay, had problems with a stomach ulcer and severe heartburn. After only 2 weeks on Health Booster there are no more problems. I myself also had severe heartburn, which is completely gone. Also due to my paralysis in lower body, I had severe problems with my bladder, which has improved by at least 80 %.

My friend had a pigmentation problem on hands, which left her with white spots. She had to go and see a dermatologist, who gave her medication and infra red treatment, with little success. After one bottle of Health Booster, spots have become much lighter. Will keep you posted on further successes.”



“In 1997 I was diagnosed with candida while in ICU (13 years ago). Being a busy single parent with two children I never paid any further attention to it. In 2005 I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. One of the main symptoms of both these ailments is tiredness. I can tell you, I felt as though I was dying a little each day – tasks I used to complete in one go, I had finally broken up into 4 sessions, the energy just wasn’t there to carry me through.

Just over a month ago I had a really bad dose of candida, felt so bloated I thought my skin was going to pop. I saw Sharon who is a supplier of EM, we chatted and I don’t remember how it came about but I told her I had candida, I bought a bottle of EM and my life has turned 180 degrees. From the first day I had so much energy, I stayed awake until 3am, the feeling of health and energy has remained and the other things I have experienced are as follows:

• No more bloating
• I am regular now
• Lost all my belly fat
• Loads of energy, able to complete tasks the way I used to
• No more aching leg muscles and when I climb stairs I don’t feel as though all the blood has run out of my legs
• Cancer sores on my hands and arms have disappeared
• No more brain fog
• Sugar levels reducing

I used to say a million times during the day ‘I am so tired’, I realised I don’t say it anymore.

A big thank you to whoever formulated EM.”



 “It is still working well for my asthma and my mother in law – she is 80years old – she swears by it. She really believes if she had not been taking it she would not be here now. She feels such a difference when she is not taking it.

We still have our 2 aids patients on it and they are looking really good. They have not been sick at all since we have been feeding them and giving them a good dose in the evenings.

I have recently given a bottle to my niece, she is also asthmatic and gets flu and bronchitis all the time. Hoping that this is going to make a difference in her life. Just hope that she takes it as I explained. Will let you know what happens there.

We all believe in the product and when we have not had it – we feel the difference, especially with the hours that we work.

You are welcome to use what I have written – you could add to my testimony that I was using Seretide 250/50 2 pumps a month – now I use one and often forget to use it as my asthma has improved! You are welcome to use my mother in law’s testimony as well. She has lots of energy she drives all over the place on her own – from the south coast to Hilton! If she does not take it after about 2 days she says she feels terrible – her words ” feel like I am going down hill” she only misses if she is away and runs out. Now she makes sure she takes a second bottle with her.”